Third World Man is a political thriller about Roderick Glaumo, an Australian investigator sent to Sudan by the UN to look into the theft of food and medical aid. Roderick suspects that the local warlord Alphonsus is involved, and believes he can reason with the man. Colin Finch, Roderick’s contact in Khartoum, warns him about the warlord's murderous past, but Rod’s hubris gets the better of him.

Brad’s short film, the political thriller Third World Man, written by renowned screenwriter Ian David (Blue Murder, Shark Net, Killing Time), staring Chris Haywood (Newsfront, Breaker Morant, Beneath Hill 60), Gareth Rickards (Rough Stuff) and Elijah Williams (The Principal), screened at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, the California International Shorts Festival, the London Independent Film Awards and at the prestigious Hollyshorts Festival where it was shown at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Cinematographer Emilio Abbonizio also won a Gold ACS award for his work on Third World Man.